Monday, April 25, 2011

Legend of Condor heroes torrent

As you know LOCH is going to get removed from google, so Pekon Gupta has made a torrent for the show..But now he's the only seeder , so we need more seeders.. People who already have downloaded all episodes of LOCH83..Please help in the seeding process..

Steps on How to Contribute as Torrent Seeder, if you already have downloaded episodes
1) Make a folder of name \legend_of_condor_heroes_1982
2) Copy or Link all ur existing episodes to this folder by their ORIGINAL name (example: legend_of_condor_heroes_1982_episode_xx.flv)
3) just open the attached torrent file in in any client. (BUT DO NOT START THE DOWNLOAD)
4) select as the place to store ur downloads. (Important: ONLY GIVE THE DIRECTORY PATH, AND NOT THE FOLDER-NAME)
5) Click Start Download And then start seeding
The torrent client will automatically detect you already downloaded episode files.. and will start seeding it..
In case your torrent is not able to detect the existing episodes in your hard-disk.. then there are only 2 reasons.
1) File name of episode files do not match the original file-names as in torrent (example: legend_of_condor_heroes_1982_episode_xx.flv)
2) Directory path where torrent expects to keep downloaded data is not matching (refer point 4)
Only Seeding torrent would NOT eat up download bandwidth, bcoz you are actually uploading the data and some other "leecher" is downloading the data.
So don't be selfish and continue seeding.. And you need to keep your bit-torrent client always active for this torrent.

Pekon Gupta :
Ask him about any thing related to the torrent. Also you can tell him when you are going to download or seed , so that he keeps his system on at that time..
Please leave your email address in comments if you are seeding/downloading this show for any notifications.

Click below link
Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983 torrent link